Originally docked in Detroit, Michigan, the artist hooked up with a circus-type, comedy/magic show when he was 18. He traveled the world performing for the next 7 years, sometimes on crazy European TV Variety shows, other times in historic Vaudevillian theatres, occasionally in front of ten thousand people, royal families, that sort of thing. The group even did a couple Fox specials here in the states way back in ’95 called ”The Rudy Coby Show”. Andy’s specialty: walking on his hands as a two foot tall Elvis.

An accomplished graphic artist and illustrator, Andy’s worked both in comics and animation—winning an Annie Award for his work on Samurai Jack. He has also designed on other Emmy Award winning shows like Fairly Oddparents, Star Wars: Clone Wars and a bunch of others. He has also had a few pilots in production at Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., BET and Disney respectively.

The mythology and imagery the artist uses of circus performers, children and sailors are infused with pop elements. Look closer and you’ll see Archie Comics (representing youth, innocence and optimistic love), Love Comics from the 1960’s (a deeper, more fatalistic view of real love and relationships), Crossword Puzzles (used cerebrally, representing that side of ourselves usually in conflict to our hearts, or merely as distractions) and even Yacht Trader Magazines. Thus combining not only his experiences traveling on the road and overseas, but also his current endeavors of animation and cartoons.

The tongue and cheek, yet intentionally “overtly dramatic”, staged compositions poke fun at the seriousness of the underlying tone and theme of an endangered childhood and innocence lost. Critic’s have described his work as “Romantic Pop”. Other articles and reviews have attached “Whimsy”, “Kitsch” and “Absurd” to Andy’s paintings as well.

Done primarily on canvas, the artist works in oils as well as utilizes the mixed mediums of charcoal, acrylic and collage elements. Look closer.